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Because a black square is not enough

Photographs: Sean Hardy
black lives matter

There’s only one thing we want to talk about this week: Black Lives Matter.

We stand by the movement and the peaceful protesters around the world. We are saddened and shocked by the numerous incidences of police brutality.

Rouleur has a voice and a choice – and we choose to be an actively anti-racist organisation. Creativity can be our call to action: we are committed to greater diversity of coverage in the future – of race, gender, disability – as well as a more inclusive hiring policy. These are first steps in a bigger journey.

Cycling remains an overwhelmingly white sport. We haven’t done enough in the past to help change this, the industry hasn’t done enough, the whole sport hasn’t done enough. From the leading governing bodies down to the grassroots, we need to ask difficult questions and confront uncomfortable truths. 

For anyone thinking Rouleur should stay in its lane and stick to cycling – we won’t and we haven’t before when it comes to important issues. Remember, our sport is a direct symptom of our societies and politics.

We also know the value of our long-term actions over short-term words that will hopefully help build a permanent diversification within our sport and beyond. Real change is more than skin deep – let’s keep listening, learning and educating ourselves. 

With that in mind, here is some important and instructive reading to further the conversation. My email address is included below. Please contact me with anything from thoughts and recommendations to diverse article pitches to help further this conversation.

Writer and presenter Jools Walker

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Cycling: why so white?

Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race, Reni Eddo-Lodge


Anti-Racism Resource List

Andy McGrath
Editor – Rouleur magazine


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