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Team Ineos man wakes up and smells the coffee with fellow Olympians Callum Skinner and Philip Hindes, plus Ceramic Speed’s insanely expensive jockeys

Photographs: Swpix.com

“ Coffee connects people. ”

Owain Doull had 2020 all planned out – Tour Down Under, the Classics, the Giro, then ease off towards the end of the year. That didn’t work out, so he’s now doing five hour training rides around his home and looking forward to a busy Autumn of racing. It gives him time to concentrate on his new project, though – a boutique coffee brand launched with fellow Olympians Philip Hindes and Callum Skinner. What is it with cyclists and coffee?

Rouleur’s Miles Baker-Clarke loves to sniff a freshly opened bag of beans, but don’t judge him for that. He talks through the latest brands in the Desire section and on the Rouleur shop, and tries to convince presenter Ian Parkinson that he needs a set of £1,400 jockey wheels.

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