Rouleur podcast: MJ Cole, Jess Pratt, Michael Blann, and the Desirables

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One racer, one photographer, and one superstar DJ. All this and Stu too on the latest eclectic Rouleur for the ears

Photographs: Michael Blann
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Photographer Michael Blann has a new expanded edition of his best-selling Mountains book out now, featuring stunning shots of the great cycling climbs alongside essays from star riders past and present. Six years in the making, Michael tells us how the landscapes became central to the concept of this extraordinary piece of work.

Jess Pratt won a place on the Canyon-SRAM via the Zwift Academy competition in 2019. She started this season in style with a top-ten at the Tour Down Under before lockdown halted road racing. Unsurprisingly, she’s pretty good at this Zwift racing stuff too. Ian Parkinson asks her about both, and the future too.

Producer and musician MJ Cole is best known for producing the likes of Stormzy and Dizzee Rascal, and remixing Alicia Keys, De La Soul and many more. He is also a classically trained pianist, and his first new album for 17 years, Madrugada, comes Rouleur recommended. It’s a beautiful piece of work. But why is he on a cycling podcast, you ask? To talk about his love of riding, especially Colnagos. The man is cooler than a Magnum on ice.

And talking of cool, Desire Editor Stuart Clapp has been working through some fine reading matter, including Bill Strickland’s dark memoir Ten Points.

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