Rouleur podcast: Luke Rowe, Lizzy Banks and World Bicycle Relief

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How’s Rohan Dennis settling in at Ineos? What’s really going on at Bigla-Katusha? What’s hot/not right now in the world of stuff? Answers to all these questions and more

Photographs: Offside/L'Equipe
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“He’s just a weapon, isn’t he? He’s certainly got a bit of a screw loose but he’s a super guy.”

Luke Rowe checks in from home in Cardiff, training away as usual and enjoying some unexpected extra time with the family while adjusting his sights for a hoped-for return to racing later in the year. 

The Ineos rider’s been getting battered by team-mate Rohan Dennis on Zwift, misses racing the Spring Classics but is keeping a calm perspective on the current situation.

The Bigla-Katusha team, meanwhile, were rocked by the news that their sponsors would be withdrawing funding for the remainder of the season – surely a situation that will be repeated in both men’s and women’s cycling as the crisis continues. Lizzy Banks joins us to explain what the riders are doing now, and what comes next.

World Bicycle Relief CEO Dave Neiswander and country director for Zambia Brian Moonga tell us how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the charity’s income and their campaign to supply 25,000 of their sturdy Buffalo bikes going to aid health care in Africa. 

Our very own Miles Baker-Clarke is king of the Rouleur Emporium. Host Ian Parkinson asks him what’s hot and what’s not right now, while the Desirable Stuart Clapp chips in with his pick of the goodies. A turbo trainer? You’ve changed, Stu… 

Oh my (Magnetic) days… Stu’s heart’s desire

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