Rouleur podcast: Gary Kemp talking music and mountains

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Rock star, actor and cyclist… The man about London town and Spandau Ballet songwriter takes us for a ride. Plus the “narcissistic sports pimp”, our very own Stuart Clapp, talking tanwall tyres

Gary Kemp

“It’s not about the numbers, it’s always about the aesthetics.”


Musician and actor Gary Kemp – of Spandau Ballet fame – traces the links between music and the mountains, and why so many musicians seem to take to two wheels. Gary, who became a keen cyclist after a dinner conversation with the broadcaster Robert Elms, explains his love for the hills to Ian Parkinson, why he won’t be riding the Etape again any time soon, and why he’ll never be a slave to statistics.

Gary Kemp

Plus our Desire editor Stuart Clapp struggles with changing winter tyres, due to having “wrists made of poppadoms”, and gets excited about his latest lube. Don’t ask…


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