Rouleur podcast: Brian Holm, Tao Geoghegan-Hart and David Millar

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Tao Geoghegan-Hart frozen in Girona, Brian Holm’s pearls of wisdom, David Millar’s new film Time Trial. Plus the Rouleur competition




Photographs: Sean Hardy
Brian Holm

Team Sky protege Tao Geoghegan Hart joins the podcast from a chilly Girona and Rouleur guest editor Brian Holm explains how to motivate Mark Cavendish. (Clue: it involves doughnuts.)


David Millar tells Ian Parkinson how his new film captures the gritty reality of the peloton, and there’s the chance to win a Rouleur T-Shirt in the podcast quiz.


David Millar


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Rouleur + Santini cyclo-cross zip-off tights
Rouleur + Santini cyclo-cross zip-off tights
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