Rouleur Cover Stories: issue 17.3 – Turchino Pass by Fabio Piemonte

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Two men placing lit flares in a tunnel at Milan-Sanremo… What are they doing? Issue 17.3 cover by Fabio Piemonte

Photographs: Fabio Piemonte
Milan-Sanremo, Fabio Piemonte

Close to the highest point of the whole Milan-Sanremo, the Turchino pass, it turned cloudy and windy.


During the long and tricky descent, the two route inspectors, Maurizio Molinari and Marco Della Vedova, faced a completely dark tunnel – a potential hazard for the approaching peloton.


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We were just a few minutes ahead of the riders and the time to fix the issue was short. So they quickly got out of the car, opened the trunk and used a bunch of flaming torches to illuminate the whole tunnel.


At the end of the race, I was fascinated to learn how they resolved all the different issues, such as urban traffic, race signals and last minute unexpected hazards.


Fabio Piemonte


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