Rouleur Cover Stories: issue 17.2 – Roubaix by Marshall Kappel

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A painted blue line for the subscriber cover of issue 17.2 – a very special painted blue line

Photographs: Marshall Kappel

Arriving in Roubaix four days before the start of the race allowed us to see a side of Roubaix that few might even think of.


For example, who paints the iconic strips around the concrete ring? How is the open stadium maintained? What happens the other 364 days of the year in this historic venue?


Rouleur Cover Stories – the tales behind the images on the covers of the Rouleur subscriber edition. 


We met with the head of maintenance for Roubaix’s sporting areas Marie Eustache who walked us round the entire complex. Everyone in the world knows the showers, but we know where the mower, blow touch and paints are stored.


The maintenance staff were thrilled to be photographed. It was quick but I tried my best Irving Penn and asked each to pose with the tools of their trade. Here Yero shows us the proper way to paint the most sacred velodrome on earth.


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