Rouleur Conversations: Tour de France Issue with Maria David and the Rouleur team

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Looking ahead to the Tour, top Tours gone by, plus the spicy rivalry between Canins and Longo at Grande Boucle Féminine in the ’80s

Photographs: Offside / L'Equipe
Rouleur podcast July

Nearly time for Le Tour, but who will win? Without any racing to base our predictions on, it’s something of a wildcard scenario this year.

The Rouleur team gathers then socially distances in Ian Parkinson’s garden to discuss the upcoming edition, our favourite Tours in history and the latest lovely cover by Sean Hardy.

Rouleur cover
Rouleur 20.5 by Sean Hardy

And writer Maria David joins us with the story of one of the great sporting rivalries – Jeannie Longo and Maria Canins – told in Issue 20.5.

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Meanwhile, our man Stuart Clapp has gone riding and ‘wild camping’ with four former British champions: Sir Bradley Wiggins, Matt Stephens, Steve Cummings and Adam Blythe. But their plan to ride from Essex to Kent is scuppered by a ferry closure. What happens next? Sometimes having a famous face comes in handy – Brad, that is, not Stu. Listen in…

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