Rouleur conversations: Orla Chennaoui, Phil White and Desire

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Are helmets really a necessity for town riding? Our Amsterdam-based columnist makes a strong case in this invariably impassioned topic

Photographs: Benedict Campbell

Sports commentator, journalist and Rouleur columnist Orla Chennaoui opens a big can of worms on the podcast this week – helmets. 

It was the subject of her issue 20.3 column and caused some – generally – good-natured debate. Riding round Amsterdam, Orla goes without head protection, something she’d never have considered when living in London. What is the difference? And what can other less cycling-friendly cities learn from the Netherlands’ approach?

She’s also presented us with a poem for the latest issue. Despite the editor’s trepidation, it’s a beauty on July without the Tour de France. Bravo!

Phil White was one of the Cervélo founders and a fascinating podcast guest on his last visit to London. Now he has joined turbo trainer and power meter gurus 4iiii to add his expertise to the company. Integrated power is coming, he tells Ian Parkinson. And power meters are now de rigueur. Listen up, Phil knows his stuff.

And what exactly has Desire editor Stuart Clapp been up to? Messing around in haunted woods and scaring himself silly, apparently. But he does have details of a Rouleur competition to win a spectacular 3T Exploro gravel bike. Very classy indeed, a bit like our Stu. 

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