Rouleur Classic: Win a custom Endura jersey

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Cycling kits are more than just sportswear, they symbolise allegiances, history, status, victory and so much more. Many are icons of design and many are, well, not.


Endura is that strange thing; a global cycle apparel company that sells all over the world and works with some of the world’s top cyclists but – unlike almost all of its competitors – actually makes clothing in its own factory. In Scotland. Since 1992. Endura will be showcasing their production expertise at this year’s Rouleur Classic and we’re offering you the chance to design your own jersey using their groundbreaking endura.me service – that’s a free, completely custom jersey.

Never before has there been such a fantastic opportunity to liberate that perfect design that has been trapped inside your imagination, see it virtually, and then have it transformed into a real piece of highest quality cycle apparel for you to wear and share with the world. Of course, if it’s terrible, then there is no-one else to blame. But as a reader of Rouleur, we trust that you have a adequate design eye.


To win this great prize, just tell us your favourite ever pro jersey. There are no right answers, but there are definitely some wrong ones. We’ll pick a winner at random.


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