Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish in the spotlight at Six Day London

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Former rider turned professional photographer Léon van Bon picks out Wiggo and Cav’s return to the boards amongst the beer, bright lights and blaring techno at the Six Day London

Photographs: Léon van Bon

If there were any further concerns or mumblings about the clouds gathered around British cycling at the present, they weren’t to be found in East London as Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish returned to the boards at the Six Day London.


It was a sell-out for the pair’s appearance at the Olympic velodrome in Stratford, with the Six Day London set to be Wiggins’ final race on home soil.


The two are set to race together again at the Ghent Six (November 15-20), Wiggins’ valedictory performance in the city where he was born.


Rock ‘n’ roll stars: the duo emerge onto the stage in the track centre.


Little and large: Cavendish follows the man he has often called his ‘big brother’ in cycling.


The primordial moan of the derny engine adds to the cauldron of noise under the roof of the ‘Pringle.’


Cavendish and Wiggins have two Madison world titles on the track together, the most recent coming at the 2016 World Championships in the very same London velodrome.


The pair sat second overall behind Belgian six day specialists Kenny De Ketele and Moreno De Pauw at the half-way point on Friday night.


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