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Copenhagen-based brand Pas Normal Studios combine with Rouleur for a special collection built on style and performance

Photographs: Paolo Ciaberta
Pas Normal Studios x Rouleur, Paolo Ciaberta

‘I hear the heart of the peloton beating’ – Jørgen Leth, ‘Now’


Based in Copenhagen, Pas Normal Studios is the brainchild of fashion designer Karl-Oskar Olsen and his friend Peter Madsen.



Committed to aesthetics and performance, the Danish brand strives to create hand-made clothing that is fashionable and sustainable but also has a performance quality.


“There is a lot of statement in being subtle and a bit more understated than crazy,” says Olsen. He is one of the brand’s five founders, alongside the likes of journalist and commentator Brian Nygaard.



Pas Normal was born after its two founders rode La Marmotte in the French Alps. The mythical climbs proved the foundations for a company that would do it their way.


‘Pas normal’ refers to riding that is on another level to most riders. This ethos matched with Olsen’s goal for both style and function in kit that makes the rider want to go to extraordinary lengths.



The Danish company have now combined with Rouleur for a collection that celebrates the shared ethos of style and performance.


“Our collaboration with Rouleur is based on mutual idea of what cool is and how it can look if two very different projects met around an idea to do something together,” says Olsen.



“Rouleur has set a new industry standard for storytelling aesthetics. With words and photography, they have helped us appreciate new facets of cycling. They have angles and takes on old and new that deserved to be seen.”


“We like how they don’t delve on the old school, but have always had an eye for the contemporary without losing the beat of the past.”



A Bordeaux colour scheme graces the collection which is a combination of the Road to Nowhere style and Rouleur logo.


The Road to Nowhere collection is inspired by Danish poet and filmmaker Jørgen Leth’s poem ‘Now’. Leth is perhaps best known for directing the 1977 epic “A Sunday in Hell”.


Pas Normal Studio’s ‘A Road to Nowhere’ collection combine with Rouleur’s style as an ode to long days in the saddle.





It is about time

I have to get away

the hills know no patience


I see the many signs

the eyes of the men facing inwards

I see myself getting ready to jump

I get out of the saddle

look around one last time

I hear the heart of the peloton beating


Jørgen Leth


Rouleur + Pas Normal Studios is available at the Rouleur shop




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