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3T brings a hint of luxury to the gravel tracks with an all-new gravel offering. Designed for adventure-seeking BMW enthusiasts, the 3T for BMW Exploro may be the ultimate gravel machine.

Photographs: 3T Italy


Like everything in the world around us, the sport of cycling is in a perpetual state of evolution. Disciplines, styles, and designs all come and go. And on our quest for adventure, excitement, and satisfaction, we seek out new terrain to fulfil those primal needs.

Gravel may well be the discipline that made cycling sexy again, and it’s a domain where creative and innovative manufacturers like 3T truly shine. Just as BMW raised the appeal of luxury cars, 3T’s new offering—the 3T for BMW Exploro—extends this luxury to the gravel trails too.

Built for the road less travelled

Pioneering Technology

3T are no strangers to innovation in changing times. This famed Italian company is a true pioneer in the cycling industry, with a hand in every facet of bike design. In addition to complete bike builds, they produce top-end wheels, bars, stems, seat posts, forks, cassettes, and even clothing.

Their quest for superior aerodynamics and their drive to push bike technology saw the introduction of their first Exploro in 2016. With a geometry honed for fast-paced gravel riding, it’s nimble and agile on any surface from the paved asphalt to gravel or singletrack.

3T for BMC Exploro

With the 3T for BMW Exploro, 3T harness performance and luxury in two striking designs that stand apart. And where BMW confidently embrace transformation in an effort to shape a new automotive future, 3T adopt the same policy for gravel riding. The result is a gravel ride that harnesses technology to the nth degree, and ultimately provides individual mobility, enjoyment, and a primal thrill.

The dropped chainstay improves tyre clearance

With a build based on the fastest and most aerodynamic gravel frame on the market, it includes the world’s lightest aero crank fresh out of 3T’s carbon factory. It also boasts an exclusive Brooks saddle, made ever-more iconic with matching Brooks leather handlebar tape.

The finest finish from Brooks
3T are kings of componentry

Rolling on Fulcrum wheels, the Schwalbe G-One Speed tyres ensure reassuring grip and performance both on and off-road. The inclusion of the gravel-specific Shimano GRX groupset provides optimal shifting, allowing riders on this versatile build to transition effortlessly across fast-paced terrain.

A gravel favourite, the Schwalbe G-One

Available in two contrasting colour schemes, 3T for BMW Exploro brings that delicate mix of luxury and performance to the gravel roads for grin-inducing mobility no matter the terrain. For more details, check out the complete specs of the grey/mint and grey/blue models.

For more from 3T, head over to www.3t.bike



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