Rouleur Cover Stories: issue 67 – Saitama by Marshall Kappel

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In Japan for the end of season Saitama criterium, photographer Marshall Kappel spots a mirror image for the subscriber cover for Rouleur issue 67

Photographs: Marshall Kappel

My last frame of the day.


The 3km course around Saitama was flat and anonymous, curling through the hotels, shopping and convention centre that are the key features of this satellite city North of Tokyo.


I admit, I struggled to find differentiation; with no vegetation, no climbs, no descents, no cobbles, no wind, no vantage points and really no racing per se, I resigned myself to capturing the riders head-on as they rode parallel to the train station – Saitama’s other feature.


I took one last glance up and down the street and noticed this oddly placed orange two-way mirror. The riders passed and click the race was done.


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