Rouleur Cover Stories: issue 63 – Paris by Marshall Kappel

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Roaring jets and plumes of colour pierce the leaden grey skies of Paris as Marshall Kappel shoots the subscriber cover for Rouleur issue 63

Photographs: Marshall Kappel

The endless rows of barricades, the mobile advertising billboards, TV cameras on booms high above the crowds and dozens of tightly packed buses in the Place de la Concorde – this is so often the canvas for the last stage of the Tour and it never feels very Parisian.


After weeks on the road, canvassing through the most beautiful landscapes in the world, I wandered the rainy streets in my own mobile billboard, my bright yellow Tour de France poncho.


While the crowds cheered the riders down the Champs-Elyseés, there was a sudden jolt of jet engines – sombre against the cloudy skies, but exhilarating.


I quickly raised my camera, already at a fast shutter speed, fired off three frames, then smiled to myself and held my heart for the beauty of this race.


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