2018 photographs of the year – part 9: Timm Kölln

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As 2018 comes to a close, we’ve asked our regular photographers to pick their favourite cycling images from this year

Photographs: Timm Kölln
Tour de France

Always one to do things in his own particular way, Timm Kölln eschewed the Q&A we sent out to our contributing photographers and instead wrote his own introduction to his selection of photos from 2018:


“Sometimes I completely understand those people who are unfamiliar with the esoteric nature of cycling wondering why the riders are out all day riding in one big bunch.


“This is SO boring, they say! Admittedly, the Tour de France is often only interesting in the tiny details contained within its daily predictability, even for reporters and those in the know. The smallest gesture can become inflated in significance.


“For example, at the Kilomètre Zéro, if the race director passes by standing out the roof of his car with his arms raised instead of waving his little flag, then one thinks one has witnessed a potentially important event. Of course, this has little influence on the rest of the day: Kilomètre Zéro 11:10h, Arrivée 15:38h – 16:04h. A demain!”


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