2018 photographs of the year – part 8: Olaf Unverzart

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As 2018 comes to a close, we’ve asked our regular photographers to pick their favourite cycling images from this year

Photographs: Olaf Unverzart
Tour of Iran

Whereabouts are you based?

Munich and Upper Palatinate, Germany.


How long have you been shooting cycling?

About 15 years.


What appeals to you about photographing cycling?

My passion for cycling and races.


Images from the Giro d’Italia


What other areas of photography do you work in?

Fine art photography, spending more time outside, shooting mountains and stories.


Please tell us a little bit about your style of photography.
My position and photographic goal is based between the great Robert Frank’s black and white street photography and the smart and exact view of American large format photographers like Stephen Shore or Alec Soth. My credo: do your own thing, things which you are closer to than others and stay in contact with the works of the big names.


What assignments have you done for Rouleur this year?

Tour of Iran [which all the below images were taken from], Tour of Austria.


See more of Olaf Unverzart’s Tour of Iran photography here.


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