2018 photographs of the year – part 7: David Powell

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As 2018 comes to a close, we’ve asked our regular photographers to pick their favourite cycling images from this year

Photographs: David Powell
Greg van Avermaet

Whereabouts are you based?

Based in the Holy Land, Girona.


How long have you been shooting cycling?

I’ve been a photographer for 5 years, shooting cycling for 3 years.


What appeals to you about photographing cycling?

For me, cycling is the sport that gives the biggest thrills, whether riding my own bike or watching a race. Being able to get a glimpse into the world of professional riders and witnessing the glory and the suffering up close makes shooting this sport extremely rewarding.


Tour de France: the watery world of the 2018 Grand Départ


Please tell us a little bit about your style of photography. 

I enjoy trying to find different angles on a story. So many times at races I see a lot of other photographers jump off their motorbikes at the same corner and all get the same shot. I find the moments before and after the races more revealing than what goes on in the actual race. I hate the finish line scrum, I’d much rather be 50 metres further up the road where the riders are greeted by the soigneurs.


What assignments have you done for Rouleur this year?

For Rouleur this year I made Greg van Avermaet jump across sea defences, chartered a small plane over the Vendee coast, searched half of Brittany trying to buy a crown for Warren Barguil and rode in a team car with Pippa York at the Womens Tour.


Watch Chat Stephens, featuring David Millar and Philippa York, hosted by Matt Stephens





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