2018 photographs of the year – part 10: Sean Hardy

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As 2018 comes to a close, we’ve asked our regular photographers to pick their favourite cycling images from this year

Photographs: Sean Hardy
Specialized S-Works 7 shoes

Whereabouts are you based?

Dover, south-east England.


How long have you been shooting cycling?

I started shooting cycling towards the end of 2015 as a hobby – I took my camera to a local CX race so I could see how they jumped back on the bike and those images started doing the rounds on Facebook. Professionally, I will have been shooting cycling for two years this coming April.


What appeals to you about photographing cycling?

For me, it is all about multiple areas. You can be shooting staged portraits one minute, then reportage style images at a race or product images for new gear. You never know what to expect – from the top of mountains to cleaning sand out of your camera!


Cycling has it all, from emotion to beautiful design. I grew up being a Mod and cycling feels similar – it has complete passion but is rooted in style, design, and history. As a photographer it ticks every box.


What other areas of photography do you work in?

90 per cent of my work is based within the world of cycling but I still enjoy wedding photography, where it all started because I can draw on my passion for street photography. I grew up playing in bands, so I do a bit for bands, as long as there is a guitar in sight, somewhere!


Please tell us a little bit about your style of photography. (What you look for in an image? What influences you? What are your trademarks/pet hates?)

Honesty, as long as it never looks overproduced. I prefer images in natural light, using the environment around me rather than a studio. I’m not sure what influences me, I just like to press the shutter when I think  “yep, that looks cool”.


Pet hates: the clarity slider in [Adobe] Lightroom and seeing it overused. Trademarks: no idea but my comfort zone is reflections, shooting through windows or mirrors.


What assignments have you done for Rouleur this year?

I have been working with Stuart and Hugo for the online Desire section. Something I really enjoy – I love you can sit and study a new helmet or a set of wheels, thinking about what elements of the product can be enhanced in an image and then you end up shooting a Colnago hanging off the shell of a yacht full of old water because it just looks good.


What are your plans for 2019?

I have a lot of video work in the pipeline with a pro team (can’t say who just yet) and hopefully more Desire pieces throughout the months.


2019 is about expanding new skills, trying to push images as far as I can take them without looking like I have lost the plot and continuing to get my head around video work, with a close ear on the audio – this has become a new obsession.


There are talks of work with new bands and some independent record labels on the cards too, which would be great. To work within cycling and music would be two huge life goals achieved.




Desire: Colnago C64 Gold Private Collection


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