2018 photographs of the year – part 1: Michael Blann

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As 2018 comes to a close, we’ve asked our regular photographers to pick their favourite cycling images from this year

Photographs: Michael Blann
Merckx, Wiggins

Whereabouts are you based?



How long have you been shooting cycling?
Professionally, 15 years.


What appeals to you about photographing cycling?
I grew up with cycling so it was a natural step to combine this with my other passion – photography.


What other areas of photography do you work in?
Advertising work and landscape. I photographed a book on cycling mountains a few years ago.


Please tell us a little bit about your style of photography.
I prefer traditional compositions and tend to shoot from the position of the passive observer. A sense of place is important in my work and connection to the landscape around. Negative space is king!


What assignments have you done for Rouleur this year?
Paris-Roubaix, GP Denain, Svein Tuft, Tour de France, Giro, National road race champions, Wiggins & Merckx, Nacer Bouhanni and Zoltan (the Romanian Milk Race defector).


What are your plans for 2019?
Shoot and travel more. A new edition of the mountains book is also being planned. I’d like to shoot some of the more unusual races like Tour of Rwanda, Arctic Race and Tour of Colombia but also a few key stages of the Tour de France and Giro.


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